MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia in Top Medical Universities

MBBS is one of the most preferred and sought after study option among Indian students. It is a dream of every aspiring Indian student to study MBBS in foreign countries like Russia, China, Philippines, Ukraine, etc. students Interest in studying MBBS in Russia seems to keep on growing. Every year a large number of Indian students go to Russia to study MBBS. Russia is one of the most popular study destination selected by Indian students. The tuition fee of Russian state Medical Universities is comparatively lower than the private medical colleges of India. As Almost 60% of tuition fees in Russian universities are subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation.

Medical Study in Russia: Russian medical Universities have gained global recognition and have topped UNESCO and WHO ratings. Over 30 positions in the world ranking of medical schools are occupied by the Top Russian medical Universities. Russia is now using English as a medium of instruction, which has made the country a popular destination for higher education among Indian students, especially in medicine (MBBS). As of now, there are around 10,000 Indian students’ studying in Russia. Russian Medical Universities are listed in WHO and Medical Council of India (MCI) hence the MBBS degree from Russia is globally accepted. Pass-outs from Russian Medical Universities are presently working in leading hospitals across the globe.

For the students planning to study MBBS in Russia ,the following are the best universities:

Universities for MBBS in Russia

Russian Medical Universities with low MBBS fees range from 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per year.

  1. Orel State Medical University, Russia
  2.  Mari State University, Russia
  3.  Bashkir State Medical University, Russia
  4.  Perm State Medical University, Russia
  5.  Altai State Medical University, Russia
  6.  Ulyanovsk State University, Russia
  7.  Crimea Federal University/ Crimea State Medical University, Russia

Medical Universities with MBBS fees range from 3.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs per year.

1) Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd, Russian Federation
2) Belgorod State University, Belgorod, Russian Federation
3) Kursk State Medical University, Kursk, Russian Federation
4) Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation
5) Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russian Federation
6) St Petersburg State Medical University, St Petersburg, Russian Federation
7) Moscow National Research University, Moscow, Russian Federation
6) People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russian Federation (approx. cost 40 Lakhs)

Indian Students:

 At present, more than 10,000 Indian students are studying medicine in Russia. According to the Indian Embassy in Moscow, 80% of the total Indian students are studying MBBS in Russia. Medical is the preferred choice by Indian students as the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is low. Russia’s low study cost, combined with its excellent higher education system, makes the prospect of undertaking MBBS in Russia extremely appealing for both the students and their parents.

Study Cost:

Reasons for Indian Students choosing “MBBS in Russia“: High level of education. The cost of living and fees to “study medicine in Russia” is low. The tuition fees in most Russian medical universities are quite low and so is the cost of living; which is why many Indian students decide in favor of studying MBBS in Russia.

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee for Russian Medical Universities may vary from 2, 50, 000 to 5,00,000 per year depending upon the college. This way the total fees for MBBS in Russia could be 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs for 6 years of duration. Expenses for study in Russia may also include fees for Immigration registration, health insurance, medical check-up, documents translation, and student identity card.

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Accommodation of a student is one of the most important factors when it comes to a foreign land. Russia provides its students with a excellent accommodation facility, all Indian and other international students stay in student hostels with twin sharing or 3 people per room .Rooms are provided with the necessary furniture and bedding. There is a kitchen on every floor of student hostels, where you can prepare meals according to your individual taste, needs and wishes. The average cost of accommodation in a student hostel may vary, depending on the town and university, from 10 to 50 US Dollars per month in Indian Rupees 500 to 5000 approx.

Living Costs:

The cost of living in Russia as a student depends on the personal lifestyle and the activities a student engages in. However, the average amount of the basic expenses varies between 10, 000 and 15,000 RUB per month (In Rupees average 1 lakh to 2 lakhs per year).


Applying to a Russian medical university for MBBS admission is not as complicated as you may think. You just have to pay attention to a few admission criteria and prepare all the necessary documents as soon as possible. The sooner you start the admission process, the higher the chances you will be accepted by the Russian medical university that you dream about.

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Eligibility for study MBBS in Russia:

  • Eligibility criteria: Students who are appearing or have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination with minimum 50 percent marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in CBSE / ISC or any other Equivalent Board of Examination.
  • Age Limit: Minimum Age for getting admission in Russian universities is 17 year. The separate maximum Age limit has been set for different categories. 25 years for general category, 30 years for OBC, SC, and ST categories.(according to medical council of India – MCI )
  • As per the latest notification issued by MCI in accordance with the decision taken by Delhi High Court, students aspiring to enroll in Foreign Medical Universities in 2019, and did not qualify / register / appear in NEET – 2018; should produce an Eligibility Certificate issued by Medical Council of India at the time of admission to Foreign Medical Universities.
  • Food: The expenses for buying food and beverages and cooking at home are approximately 1500 RUB ( around 2000 Rupees) a week, where the prices for fruits and vegetables differ according to the season.
  • Transport cost: Students transport cards offer substantial discounts on underground transport; buses, trolleybuses, etc. Average taxi trip inside Moscow: 300 – 1000 RUB, depending on the distance traveled and the traffic jams.
  • Insurance: An annual medical insurance policy for $15 000 costs about 5500 RUB
  • Phone & Internet : 800 – 1000 Rubles
  • Other Purchases: Books prices vary from 400 to 1000 RUB for a book. Students should have their own kitchen equipment (pots – around 400 RUB, pans – 200 to 500 RUB, plates, etc.; a kettle will cost around 1 000 RUB).

MBBS in Russia – Fee Structure of Russian Medical Universities in 2019

Tuition Fee and Living Cost in Russia for Indian Students in 2019

MBBS in Orel State Medical University, Russia Fee Structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 4000 = Rs. 2,60,000
2nd – 3rd  Year Fees  = US$ 3500/yr. = Rs. 2,28,000/yr.
4th, 5th, 6th  Year Fees  = US$ 3300/yr. = Rs. 2,15,000/yr.
Hostel Fees  = US$ 200/yr. = Rs. 13,000/yr.
Total Fees for 6 Years US$ 22,100 = (Rs. 14,36,500 )   
Food – US$ 100 = Rs.6500/month       read more

MBBS in Bashkir State Medical University Russia Fee structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 5000 = Rs. 325,000
2nd to 6th Year Fees  = US$ 2600/yr. = Rs. 1,65,000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 300 = Rs. 20,000/yr.
Total Fees for 6 Years US$ 19700 = (Rs. 12,70,000 )    
Food – US$ 100 = Rs. 7,000/month       read more

MBBS in Mari State University Russia MBBS Fee Structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 5000 = Rs. 3,25,000
2nd – 6th Year Fees  = US$ 3200/yr. = Rs. 2,08,000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 300 = Rs. 20,000/yr.
Total Fees for 6 Years US$ 22800 = Rs. 14,82,000             
Food – US$ 100 = Rs. 7,000/month        read more

MBBS in Altai Medical University Russia MBBS Fee structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 5000 = Rs. 3,25,000
2nd – 6th Year Fees  = US$ 3500/yr. = Rs. 2,27,000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 500 = Rs. 33,000/yr. 
Total Fees for 6 Years US$ 25500 = (Rs. 16,57,000 )              
Food – US$ 100 = Rs. 7,000/month   read more

MBBS in Belgorod State University, Russia MBBS Fee Structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 5000 = Rs. 3,25,000
2nd – 6th Year Fees  = US$ 5000/yr. = Rs. 3,25,000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 500 = Rs. 33,000/yr.
Total Fees for 6 Years US$ 33000 = (Rs. 21,45,000 )            read more
Food – US$ 120 = Rs. 8,000/month

 MBBS  in Northern State Medical, Russia MBBS Fee Structure 2018

1st Year Fees= US$ 5500 = Rs. 3,57,500
2nd – 6th Year Fees  = US$ 4000/yr. = Rs. 2,60000/yr.
Hostel Fees – US$ 350 = Rs. 23,000/yr.
Total Fees for MBBS Course  US$ 27250 = (Rs. 17,71,000 )        read more
Food – US$ 120 = Rs. 8,000/month